We Help You Identify & Connect With Bob Or Sally Looking For Chiropractic Services.

The key to creating a steady flow of new Bobs or Sallys for your practice is to use Patient Identity Resolution through the Chiro CMO Patient Generator Program.

Generate More Bobs And Sallys For Your Practice!

You Spent Years Training To Be A Chiropractor, Not A Marketer

Marketing is complex and ever-changing.

You're a Chiropractor, not a marketer.

If you've been trying to market your business alone and it's not working don't feel bad.

Most trained marketers can't get it right.

So what's the issue?

Most marketing looks at the data generated by people online and treat everyone as an anonymous entity with money.

Sure, there are ways to narrow down demographics or find common interests among a certain group of people online and present a marketing message.

But, Bob and Sally are real people with real problems like you.

Bob and Sally want to be treated as individuals.

The problem is its almost impossible to identify Bob or Sally through their online activity.

They are probably using a desktop one minute and a mobile phone the next minute.

They probably have more than one email account and may even identify themselves differently on different social media platforms.

That is a lot of data and up until now, its been almost impossible to sort through it all to find the person at the other end.
However, with Patient Identity Resolution, we have cracked the code that allows us to turn that data into insight about Bob or Sally.

It doesn't matter what device they are using or if they have multiple emails.

Patient Identity Resolution is the only way to engage Bob or Sally effectively across multiple channels, multiple devices and multiple email addresses.

We can know when Bob or Sally is most likely to become a new patient based on their chronological path to purchase using Patient Identity Resolution.

Because of this, we are able to present your personalized marketing message at the right time on whatever platform Bob or Sally is using and maximize your marketing dollars to get you concrete results.

This is something previously reserved for only the big boys such as Google, Facebook or Amazon.

Now, through PIR you can have data insight that identifies those most likely to become new patients.

To learn how the Chiro CMO Patient Generator Program and Patient Identity Resolution can work for your Chiropractic practice, click the button below!
Generate More Bobs And Sallys For Your Practice!

You're Here Because You Need A...

Part-Time Chief Marketing Officer

For most practices, it doesn’t make sense to hire a full-time CMO. A part-time Net CMO bridges the gap between an over-qualified, over-compensated CMO and an under-experienced marketing implementer.

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Marketing Audit

In this 90-minute audit, a CMO Marketing Strategist will dive deep into your marketing efforts and provide clear direction on what needs to be improved in order to help you reach your goals.

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Marketing Email Audit

Email deliverability is a core concern for any intelligent business that depends on email for revenue. Let a Net CMO help you by performing a marketing email audit!

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Marketing Systems Map

The Marketing Systems Map goes beyond what a 30-minute consultation can provide. It's a comprehensive review of your business by a Net CMO who digs deep to find areas that can 10x your return on investment!

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You Wouldn't Advise Someone To Adjust Their Own Neck And We Wouldn't Advise You To Do Your Own Marketing!

Our Net CMOs have gone through challenges in a medley of industries and can offer a unique skill set that doesn’t already exist within your company. We stay in the loop on the best and latest trends in the marketing industry, and we also have connections with other influential industry professionals to obtain the talent and information your company needs to execute marketing strategies.
  • Combined marketing experience in over 30 industries
  • Some Chiropractors add as many as 30 new patients each month
  • Generated over 10 million in revenue for clients
Generate More Bobs And Sallys For Your Practice!

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We Find Your Bobs and Sallys Using Patient Identity Resolution.

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Generate More Bobs And Sallys For Your Practice!

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Generate More Bobs And Sallys For Your Practice!

Already Using Google Ads In Your Practice?

Take advantage of our complementary services below.

Google Ads Audit

Our Google Ads Audits identify wasted ad spend across the account and also contain analysis of other technical issues such as conversion/lead tracking, campaign settings, impression share, ad copy testing, keyword selection, search query analysis and ad extension review. In order to perform an audit, we must have access to the account through our MCC or you must provide us with a read only login to the account.

To inquire and schedule your Google Ads Audit, click here.

Market Analysis for Google Ads

Our Market Analysis reports include an estimated CPC for achieving top position in the industry and geographic location. We use that estimated CPC to give you a projection of potential performance assuming an industry-standard conversion rate on the landing page that will be used.

To inquire and schedule your Market Analysis, click here.